Universal Omnitech

CEO: Jan Vermeer
Major Shareholders: Thomas Roxborough (controlling)
Main Bases: Cape Town, Vancouver (Intl HQ)

Universal Omnitech is an AA-rated biotech corp, and is one of the current rising stars in the cybertech, bioengeneering, and genetics fields. They have research facilties on Mars dedicated to further developing these fields, and experiementing with nanotech in relative isolation. After losing their partnership with Aztechnology, they struggled to find routes to market until they recently secured an agreement with Wuxing, a biotech-light corp. Possibly also bringing in Horizon to cover the advertising end, and cooperate with biotech breakthroughs in agriculture. This triumvirate could be a major player.

They are also heavily involved in underwater farms, seaweed proteins and other experimental crop areas useful to the terraforming effort, through their subsidiary Ingersoll & Berkeley, in competition with Proteus AG.

DeBeers-Omnitech is the subsidiary of Universal Omnitech that specializes in precious materials. They are the leaders in Dikote and diamond-film technology. Through a partnership with Wuxing, they scored a lot of capital during the Orichalcum Rush, but when the orichalcum dried up, it left them in a financial lurch.

The DBO Corporation is headquartered in Azania. The CEO was Jan Vermeer, a powerful person in Cape Town politics; he has now taken over as CEO for the merged DBO/UO mega. Shiawase recently failed in a takeover bid.

Universal Omnitech

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