Turing Army

The Turing Army is the militant wing of the anti-AI movement. This movement has been around since the late 1900’s, but gained significant traction after the Renraku Arcology debacle in 2064, which led up to the second Matrix crash. The Turing Army operates in cells, as many of their activities are not technically legal, although many corps overlook their activities and use them to hunt escaped and free AI’s.

They only recently became internationally (and interspacially) active. This is rumored to be due to an influx of nuyen from some angry survivors (and bereaved friends/relatives) of the Seattle Renraku Arcology debacle of 2064. The TA is rumored to have been involved in multiple terrorist attacks on corps and organizations attempting to advance AI technology, but have managed to keep free of any solid proof. They are most well known for hunting down escaped and free AI’s, who they capture or destroy. Many corps have them on retainer, as a threat to in-corp AI’s who might otherwise be thinking about a run for it. Obviously, the TA incorporates both physical and matrix based operatives, all of whom are well trained and deadly. Not an organization to have on your bad side. They recently appeared in Mars City for the first time, and have been making quiet inquiries about the team.

Much of the Turing Army’s current efforts are dedicated towards exposing and capturing or killing the AI/AIs thought be behind the Seattle Exchange. They have also been present on Mars recently having been hired by Renraku to hunt down their missing central AI, Daedelus.

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Turing Army

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