Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries

Slogan: One Step Ahead
World HQ: Essen, Allied German States
Corporate Court Ranking: #1, slipping to #2
CEO: Lofwyr
Employees: Scale, Simon Andrews, Tony Barnes

The world’s largest megacorporation, a German conglomerate based on the production of steel, heavy-industrial goods, cars (BMW), arms and communication in Europe. Its majority shareholder and chairman is Lofwyr, a Great Dragon, who bought the company stocks using hoarded resources.

Have an in-house runner team composed solely of drakes (who Lofwyr seems to collect) called the Drachenshatten.

While everyone was distracted during the Corporate Court shuffle, SK quietly finished their space elevator. What Lofwyr’s long game is here, no-one else knows.

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Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries

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