Renraku Computer Systems

Slogan: Today’s Solutions To Today’s Problems
World HQ: Chiba, Japanese Imperial State
Corporate Court Ranking: #5
CEO For Life: Inazo Aneki (deceased, but Aneki-No-Kami, a corporate spirit using his name, is still revered)

A mainly computer and arms-producing giant from Japan. Slowly rebuilding from both the Seattle Arcology debacle and the second Matrix crash (triggered by the escape of the A.I. Deus from the Seattle arcology via cyber implants in the heads of a number of released hostages). Their Mars based arcology was recently disgraced after an illicit simstim of a runner team infiltrating it’s facilities appeared on a number of popular Mars-based sim sites. The upper management that didn’t perish at the hands of the runner team is believed to have since been liquidated. However, this PR disaster was somewhat mitigated by a positive fluff piece on Mars City based Hermes news.

Their deadly Red Samurai military units are rightly feared by runners the world over.

They are currently running the global Gridguide, Harborguide, and Skyguide systems out of their arcology processing cores, fueling worries of another AI incident, especially amongst radical anti-AI groups such as the Turing Army.

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Renraku Computer Systems

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