Olympus Prime

An anti-terraforming / anti-tech primitivist militia, they are dedicated to returning Mars to as close to its original state as possible, believing humanities alterations to the bioshpere to be a blight. They were originally mostly active in trying to prevent further expansion of the many small towns outside Mars City, primarily by destroying water, power, and food sources, as well as performing kidnappings, robberies, and assassinations. They have recently stepped up their game and taken to bombing and sabotaging targets in the city proper, seemingly in response to a series of sensationalistic pieces by the Hermes News reporter April O’Malley. The team has had a few run-ins with them, and Ivan and HCB have sworn to track down and kill the leader, Bathcat. The OP was receiving funding from Thutmose, of the Hathor temple in Heliopolis, before his assassination.

OP has recently stepped up their attacks in Mars City, after the death of Gorode, the brother of OP leader Bathcat.


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Olympus Prime

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