Hermes Entertainment

A mid-sized Mars-based entertaiment empire: have news, sim, and public performance divisions. Somewhat of an underdog in the ratings game, but often willing to go after stories that the megacorp news divisons won’t touch. Featured commentators include Romulus Chandrasekharan, the considerably more famous brother of wanted fugitive Remus Chandrasekharan . One of Hermes’ most popular simstars, Jina Eson, recently returned from a hiatus she took to grieve for her recently deceased boyfriend, who is rumored to have perished in the undercity after ingesting some experimental drugs laced with poison. Hermes has refused to confirm or deny these accounts.

Hermes was recently acquired by Horizon after Hermes reporter Janelle Haversly got an exclusive interview with notorious undercity gunthug UltraBoy!.

April O’Mally
Yann Tillberg
Karen Cortez
Janelle Haversly

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Hermes Entertainment

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