Ares Macrotechnology

Slogan: Making The World A Safer Place
World HQ: Detroit, UCAS
Corporate Court Ranking: #7
CEO: Damien Knight

The Detroit-based conglomerate of arms (Ares Arms, the original company), automobile (General Motors), and space (AresSpace, the former NASA) industries. Ares also owns Knight Errant Security, and Apple Computer, amongst its numerous divisions. The first American-based Megacorp—currently led by Damien Knight—also trumps up its “mom and apple pie” image, fostering strong brand image within the United Canadian and American States (UCAS). Leonard Aurelius’ father founded Ares Industries, the company that grew into Ares Macrotechnology. Nicholas Aurelius engineered the NASA buyout in 2016 and made Ares a megacorporation prior to Knight’s involvement. Knight himself only appeared on the scene in 2033, when he acquired 22 percent of Ares’ stock through his infamous Nanosecond Buyout.

Ares has supposedly continued their in-house weaponized insect spirit program, even after the death of “Young Nick” Aurelius and despite strenuous opposition from some inside the corp.

Employees: Monica Jorda, Patrick Henry Hughes, Ruby, Sylvain Georges

Anne Ravenheart leads their x-files department, the Office of Strategic Intelligence or Office of Special Investigations aka the OSI, dedicated to investigating the occult and bizarre.
Employees: Erika Knowles (Boston).

UnlimiTech is the magic-tech subsid, and has a heavy Boston presence.

Ares has also jumped into the private police force game, through its subsidiary Knight Errant. This has put them in direct competition with Lone Star for security contracts. They recently took over both Mars City and Seattle contracts from LS, so there’s sure to be blowback. KE also has a secret “corp runner team” division called the Black Knights.
Elton Massey
UltraBoy! (ex-employee)
Their other private sec subsids are Hard Corps Security, who handle security on a lot of Ares’ extraterritoriality sites, and Wolverine Security, the resident psychos. These guys are mostly KE/HC officers who have washed out due to failing psych tests, often due to cyberpsychosis or drug addiction. They aren’t subtle, but they are effective (and dangerous) and tend to only get contracts where their specific skillset is of use.

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Ares Macrotechnology

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