Dissonant Technomancer. Connection 7


Leader of the Dissonant Technomancers, a group sowing discord in the matrix. They most recently turned up in Geneva. She is an enemy of Puck, and they share a long history. She has connections to the mad AI Deus and survived the Shutdown, along with him, although she has not sought any sort of forgiveness for the part she played (unlike the somewhat recalcitrant Puck).

Her dissonant tribe is called Ex Pacis, and is known for terroristic activities around Atlanta, Geneva, and elsewhere. She is a severe UV node addict, and has significant abandonment issues from her days as one of Deus’ pawns. Trying to use her dissonant powers to harm as many AI’s as possible in revenge.

She is currently leading the Dissonant effort inside the Boston QZ, a perfect place to sow discord (and infect AI’s free from oversight). Dissonant pools have been spreading around the city as she gains power…



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