Nomusa Iblis

The "Merciful Devil", ghoul hunter & ghoul. Connection 3


Nomusa Iblis uses a Remington 990 shotgun and a monofilament whip to dispatch his enemies. He acquired his Awakened Adept abilities after being bitten by a ghoul and infected with latent HMHVV. After living in the Chicago Ghoul community Cabrini Green along with his infected mother, Nomusa gained intimate knowledge of the creatures he now hunts for profit and retribution. He also became a ghoul, due to infection, and is now experiencing some ennui.

The Butcher
Ezekiel Grey
Ricky Steelsky
Alex Foxfire

Ali Mohammad, a tour guide. Rating 6.


Omar Mohammad was born in 2035 and was raised along the Black Volta river near the border of the ghoul state Asamando. He was enlisted early as a child soldier in the local militia, along with all other local youth. Under the guidance of his father and uncles Omar became skilled at helping to defend the village’s cattle grazing territories from raiding boostergangs and predatory ghouls.

Omar’s father was killed during the Asamando takeover of the Black Volta village regions in 2049. Omar was 14 yrs. old. The Sasabonam ghouls tore through Omar’s village killing or infecting all inhabitants. Omar escaped with his mother and uncle, who were both HMHVV infected. The group roamed as refugees and survived with the aid of nearby townspeople. Omar’s mother and uncle finally succumbed to the ghoul virus, his uncle becoming a mindless beast who Omar was forced to kill, but not before he himself was bitten and infected. His mother was different, she became a flesh-eating ghoul, but retained her intellect and sentient reason. Omar’s mother is proud of her son’s loyalty and strength, his dead father would feel the same.

The creation of the Asamando ghoul state in 2030 spread uneasiness among non-ghouls in the area. Would the ghouls attempt a large scale war, herding human cattle to their gruesome deaths? The locals and the ghoul government reached a stable peace, agreeing to live and let eat. When ghoul predatory activity began to increase around Omar’s village, locals became nervous and retaliated by killing rouge ghouls. This angered the Sasabonam who attacked and claimed the rich farmlands along the river in 2049.

After being bitten and infected by HMHVV Omar awaited his transformation into a blood-thirsty ghoul. Instead, his body managed to fight off the bestial side of the virus and retain it’s astral power. With his new Awakened abilities Omar decided to take his mother (infected with the Sasabonam HMHVV strain) to the U.S.C.A. and join the Cabrini Refuge in Chicago in 2052. Smuggling themselves across the ocean was no small feat, deals and debts were made with both metahuman and ghoul alike to make the voyage possible. In order to survive and protect his mother in their new community Omar put his soldiering skills to good use working as a hired gun culling undesirable ghouls. Omar soon became a notorious killer and many feared the lash of his monofilament whip, Omar began calling himself Nomusa Iblis, “Merciful Devil” . In 2057 Tamir Grey assigned Nomusa to a group of ghoul diplomats attempting to build relations with Asamando. Unfortunately the group was violently rejected by the Sasabonam and found themselves unable to return home because of the outbreak of the FAB-III Delta bacteria in 2058, which greatly depopulated Cabrini Green. Word of his mother’s death in Ghoultown reached Nomusa who is now stranded in Africa, there he is both hunter and hunted, drifting between towns collecting ghoul bounties.

Nomusa rents a stark hotel room or run down apartment in whatever town or city he is currently working in. Caring little for room decor, he pays more attention to the building’s strategic placement and access to potential escape routes.

After seeing his family killed and mutated, Nomusa believes that only the strong survive, eat or be eaten, this world is harsh and unforgiving. He has been blessed with a rare gift and a second chance at survival.

Nomusa will always take the opportunity to remind himself and others of the horrors he has witnessed throughout his bloody life.

Nomusa fears the power of the Debeers-Omnitech-Asamando alliance.

“The Butcher” was one of those who helped Nomusa and his mother immigrate to Cabrini Green. After being stranded back in Africa Nomusa contacted “The Butcher” again, offering his services for the past debt. They found working with each other profitable and dependable and have continued to do so ever since. “The Butcher” is a known ghoul fixer and may be infected with HMHVV himself.

Just like any other “day off”, Nomusa extensively plans the next step to his current mission or relaxes by practicing his monofilament whip, sipping cold filtered water.

Nomusa will and has done anything to survive, but he remains loyal to his companions and protects them like he would his family.

Nomusa acquired his cyber-eyes and other implants in Cabrini Green in order to better hunt his dark dwelling ghoul prey. The surgery was endorsed by his employers.

Life is pain.

Nomusa fears that one day the HMHVV that runs through his veins will finally turn him into a mindless flesh-craving ghoul, he lives on borrowed time.

Nomusa loved his mother dearly, she remained strong in the face of HMHVV infection and taught him how to endure life’s constant horrors.

Nomusa hunts ghouls in a vain attempt to take revenge on those who destroyed his family and of course to earn some New-yen doing what he does best.

Nomusa dresses to be ever-ready for combat or escape, wearing a long over coat to conceal his body armor and a shroud wrapped around his face to shield himself from the sun. Physically, Nomusa is a tall slender West African, with strong muscles coiled like steel springs.

Nomusa kills his victims with lightning speed, either from a single shot-gun blast or a swift decapitation, his prey do not suffer, for if they’re a ghoul they’ve suffered enough. This is why he is called “Merciful Devil”.

Nomusa Iblis

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