Ezekiel Grey

Azanian UniOmni/DBO Johnson. Connection 4


Thankyou and Nomusa first met due to this Mr Johnson. They received word from their various fixers/contacts/etc. that there was a job involving clearing out a ghoul nest, and met up at a fancy Cape Town bar (before hours of course) to meet the Johnson. However, he did not attend in person, instead appearing via vidscreen (so who knows if the team saw his real face, heard his real voice, or even if “he” was a he). Johnson seemed nervous, as if he had not run a shadowrun before, and gave too much info up front. But, he paid well, and didn’t try to screw the team, so they would probably work with him again (especially since he seemed to think he was headed for a promotion after the successful completion of the job).

The team also found out through info gathered on the run that this Johnson is employed indirectly by Debeers-Omnitech, one of Azania’s biggest corps (he works for the Eventide subsidiary). DBO seem to be engaged in a turf war with Shiawase, one of the Japanese mega’s, so it looks like there will be some money to be made…

Ezekiel Grey

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