Legendary/retired. So leave him be. Connection 3


The renowned shadowrunner Ultraman is retired now. He always wanted to be human, going so far as to color his skin pink. He survived many exploits, including a dangerous trip into the heart of Bug City (who could have seen that coming?). Now he waits out his days on Mars, hoping someone from his past will show up to put him out of his misery. For now, he’s stuck with Ultraboy, some little snot-nosed ork poser who thinks that Ultraman is some sort of shadow-god and knows all of his exploits better than he does himself. It’d almost be flattering if the kid wasn’t so obnoxious. Ultraman’s been encouraging the kid to seek out some runs of his own, and thinks he find a team willing to take him on, through his old friend Fat Carl.

He’s been caring for UltraBoy!, with Jaro’s help, since he was lobotomized by John Caruthers. They relocated to Chicago due to the CFD trouble on Mars, and helped set up The Atomizer explosives collective.


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