Wuxing Inc

Slogan: We’re Behind Everything YOu Do
World HQ: Hong Kong, Free Enterprise Enclave
Corporate Court Ranking: #9
CEO: Wu Lung-Wei, Jonathan Blake

A Hong Kong-based company that joined the AAA-corps primarily due to money from Dunkelzahn’s will, heavily focused on shipping and finance, and recently chipping into the magical-goods market. Very involved in Hong Kong culture and city planning. The CEO’s quintuplet children “The Quints” are a media sensation all on their own, and are frequently rolled out to buoy the corp in times of need, especially with their upcoming 18th birthday. The CEO and his wife were left a Coin of Luck associated with fertility in D’s will.

Wuxing has a rep for having some of the best divination magic available, another possible reason for their quick ascent to AAA. They also run an awakened-focused HTR medical response subsid called Prosperity.

Recently took control of the ASPS after Hestaby was forced into hiding during the Dragon Civil War. The ASPS seems to be receiving funding and continuing its normal work, so perhaps this is for the best?

Also is quietly funding and housing an alliance of AI’s and technomancers who are working on some sort of “Great Work”, in exchange for the AI’s/TM’s cracking J-corp software for Wuxing to repackage and sell.

Their diviner’s shared a massive vision recently, rumored to have something to do with the Quints.

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Wuxing Inc

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