Wasteland organizations

There are numerous groups active in the wastelands outside Mars City, spread out amongst the various small cities, towns, settlements, and camps. This includes a wide variety of ideological terrorist/freedom fighter groups (your call), as well as more nihilistic go-gangers, thrillers and structure hitters. On the opportunistic side, kidnappers, slavers, organleggers, smugglers, bandit gangs, and others make a steady living, although Tamanous has done a pretty good job of locking down the organ market in the city. Most of the smaller communities don’t mind buying any sort of goods they need from whoever offers, however-they’re just happy somebody remembers they’‘re out there.

Lonestar operates a roving circuit court, but most other law enforcement is left to local jurisdictions. Smaller towns will often hire on and/or deputize groups of mercs and runners when they’re expecting trouble.

Recently, the structure hit crew Olympus Prime was dealt a major blow by such a group, after OP engaged in a series of extremely destructive raids on a number of small wasteland settlements. An investigation of the OP base revealed that their plans were far more ambitious than initially believed, however. The Mars City news media has been playing up the fact that OP had plans, in unknown stages of completion, to infiltrate a variety of corps and city government offices in order to further their anti-technology agenda. They appear to believe that Mars should never have been terraformed or inhabited, and have taken it upon themselves to return the planet to it’s previous state. Their leader, Bathcat, holds a position of near-religious significance to the gang, and it is believed he survived the attack on their base. So where is he now-and when will OP reappear? The team recently discovered some evidence that OP may be linked to the Heliopolis/Mars Crater ghoul den, and interference with the illicit magical compound harvest. However, the team’s talismonger Madame Gavral claimed not to know anything about OP or Bathcat, so they are waiting to hear back from Thutmose for more info.

Major Wasteland Gangs
Olympus Prime

Wasteland organizations

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