Vory V Zakone

“Thieves Who Follow The Code”: Russian gangsters who emerged from the Soviet prison system to become major international power players after the collapse of the USSR. They bought up most of the London real estate not already owned by Saudi’s, and many Vory still reside in that city. A good indication of wether you are dealing with White Vory or Red Vory is wether the payday is routed through London’s banking systems (White) or an Evo subsid in Moscow or Vladivostok (Red). Red Vory stayed in Russia, cutting the oligarchs in on their business after the failed attempt at democracy there led to a full capitalist dictatorship. White Vory refused to cooperate, and were driven out, with many fleeing to Western Europe, Africa, the Mideast and the Americas.

They do an impressive job of mixing legit (or at least semi-legit) businesses, often in financial sectors or matrix industries, with their illicit activities, which run the gamut from drug and people smuggling to widespread hacking rings and international arms merchants. If an arms merchant is offering a lot of old (or current) Russian Armed Forces gear, they are likely Red Vory.

Red Vory
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Vory V Zakone

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