Vault of Lore

The Vault is a troll-run enterprise in the Ork Underground, which attempts to collect ancient knowledge, artifacts, and the like, and provide semi-public access to those resources, rather than letting them fall into the hands of secret organizations and powerful mages and the like.

However, given Renraku Computer Systems and the Stonecutter’s Guild forcing their way into/reclaiming chunks of the underground, the Vault’s keepers have been more secretive than usual, and are trying to remain somewhat neutral, as a safe place for dwarf and ork to meet and negotiate, free from prying eyes.

People who donate appropriate amounts of time, money, or knowledge, gain the privilege of accessing the Vault at their need, though they are expected to maintain its integrity and security.

The Vault is overseen by a small Magical Order known as the Lorekeepers.

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Vault of Lore

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