The Order of St George

This Order is an extremely secretive group apparently dedicated to the destruction of dragonkind. They trace their origins to the Christian figure St. George, a possibly mythical dragonslayer. Their VPN node is decorated like a Saxon style hall, with numerous hearths, a grand wooden table, numerous tomes containing the Order’s creed and tales of their deeds, and many trophies of claimed kills.

Members are known to mine DIVE and other forums for data.

They were either wiped out or forced deep underground during the 2074 Dragon Civil War. Thankyou faked his own death to attempt to cut ties with them, and Lodestone was killed, seemingly due to these connections.

As far as the team has determined, the order is broken into cells, which are structured from the top down in the following manner:
-Castellan: the top rank, occupied by an old English woman
-Paladins: The elite of the group, there are at least two, an Ork and a Human
-Knights: Initiates into the group (Lodestone is one). Have to have participated in a dragonslaying.
-Acolytes: Non-magical/non-initiated dragonslayers (the rest of the team has this rank)
-Crusaders: Potential members who have not yet proven themselves.
-Scribes: a separate group, who organize the cells and keep the records. They remain nameless, although they have different writing styles.

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The Order of St George

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