The Continental

Connection 8 / Loyalty 3 Contact

The Continental is the ultimate neutral ground. An extremely exclusive runner and syndicate meeting place, bar, club, hotel, and delta clinic all rolled into one. The rules are few, but strictly enforced: only members are allowed in, no violence will occur on site, and no recording of any sort is allowed. Violation of the rules results in death, no exceptions. Membership is invitation only, and not widely offered (or advertised at all).

No-one is sure who runs it, and no-one seems to want to dig too deep as its existence benefits all parties involved. Some kind of syndicate co-op or Exchange involvement is occasionally speculated. It seems to be primarily used by pro’s (especially corp-sponsored runners), rather than street level operators, and is pretty high-end. Favor chits are traded back and forth amongst members as the primary means of exchange.

Current branch locations are Denver, LA, London, and NYC, expanding from the original locale in Seattle. A new location recently opened in Chicago, following the successful re-corpratization of the city. New branches are being considered for Istanbul or Cairo and Metropole.


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The Continental

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