street gangs

A list of some of the street gangs that are active in the Undercity, and on Earth:


Black Shadows
Mad Martians
Problem Children

The parts of the undercity controlled by street gangs are your standard z-zones/slums/favelas/innercity/etc. The cops don’t go there unless they absolutely can’t avoid it, most businesses are local, the gangs run pretty much everything, and the sun sure as shit don’t shine-these areas are the least desirable turf in the undercity (aside from the core). This hasn’t stopped the street gangs from constantly going to war over who owns which blocks, though. Street gang turf is sandwiched between two warring Vory families on the southeast part of the city, and is heavily balkanized.

The next level up from the street gangs is the criminal syndicates, which run big swaths of both the under and upper city-of course they’ve got competition in the upper city from the government and the corps and megacorps, but they get by. They mostly don’t interfere with the street gangs, figuring they’re too busy fucking each other over to pose much of a threat to “organized” crime. If one of the gangs gets to powerful, or foolishly decides to encroach on any of the syndicates, they put them down right quick.


Burning Angels
Dog Soldiers
The Shooters
Sons of Gimli
The Spans
405 Hellhounds

street gangs

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