Spaceflight in the modern day is powered by special custom-built engines, the secret design of which is closely guarded by the Dwarven Starship Navigator’s Interplanetary Spacefarer’s Guild. The guild made a deal of unknown details and expense with a draconic alliance to gain exclusive rights to the technology (presumably including at least some powerful magical components, as well as the technological aspects). Ships engaged in inter-planetary trade and transport are essentially cavernous ferries which contain space and support systems for the variety of sub-orbital craft that the corps, governments, and other private interests use for in-atmosphere purposes. Berths are rented individually or leased long-term by some of the larger corps. These ferries are launched via mono-filament elevators attached to a satellite set in geo-synchronous orbit (set at various of Earth’s and Mars’ Lagrange points) above the launch sites. This conserves space and energy, since the ferries don’t have to push thru atmosphere to reach space. Some smaller spaceports still launch ships with fossil-fuel boosters and travel independently, although this method of travel takes considerably longer than that possible on Guild ships. Guild ships take the elevator down to whatever launch site is nearest to the majority of their cargo-shuttles’ destinations. The Corporate Court also controls a mass driver, which was the primary non-fossil fuel mode of launching ships up until the Guild became active, and is still heavily used.

Spaceports are located in:
Africa (Cape Town, Nairobi (Mass driver))
Europe (London, Frankfurt, and Istanbul)
Middle East (Isfahan)
Russia/Asia (Moscow, Vladivostok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai)
South America (Rio de Janeiro (Amazonia controlled) and Mexico City/Tenochitlan (Aztlan/Aztechnology controlled)),
North America (Seattle, NYC (UCAS), LA (CalFree), Denver Free Trade Zone, Atlanta (CAS)).

Moon activity travels thru the neutral port of Moonbase Alpha, although most megacorps and governments have private bases and landing zones.

Mars City has a large spaceport near the city, and there are also a number of small private facilities around the planet. Phobos has a landing area for smaller craft and Deimos has an orbital station, to transfer prisoners for drops to the planet and stage personnel coming off.


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