Society of the Golden Key

A magical society of escape artists, street performers, thieves, pickpockets, spies and others dedicated to sleights of hand and feats of escapism. Members tend more towards the “robin hood” end of the criminal spectrum, and many are fully functional members of society with an enthusiasm for tradecraft. Members have to successfully steal an invitation from an existing member (identifying one being a task in and of itself). Members are supposed to always carry a small token for this purpose: you never know when someone might try to grab yours!

The society has low dues, and applies most of them to combating metahuman trafficking, a goal supposedly established by the Order’s founder in the early 20th century. Members often go out of their way to free the imprisoned if given the opportunity, and have staged some impressive jailbreaks (both as publicity stunts and to rescue prisoners). They also perform private, staged daring feats of escape to raise funds for their other activities.

Thieves Code


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Society of the Golden Key

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