Essential for getting you and all your illegal gear from one place to another, though the price and skill with which it is done varies widely. Names for the trade vary by region, and include Snakeheads and Coyotes. Smugglers the team has encountered:

Ancients: International Elven biker gang. Large smuggling network across nations on the North American West Coast. Landing strip in Tarislar.

Cascade Orks: T-bird, heli, and ground smugglers based in the Cascade Mountains. Operate between Seattle, Tir Taingire, and the Salish-Shidhe borderlands. Skraacha & Spans connections. Members: Big Jim.

Fanti Families: An informal network from the Fanti nation in NW Africa, they operate all around Africa, the Arabian Gulf, and the Mediterranean. Although they are more pirates than smugglers, targeting oil industry and shipping, they are also adept at moving people and goods around their “turf.”

Four Point Delivery Services: Pac-Rim weapons and gear smugglers. Good for runners to know.

Laesa: all-Elf Tir Tairngire-based smugglers.

Rat Pack: NYC Underground smugglers. Primarily foot, some skimmer.

Sinsearach Elves: More Salish/Seattle/Tir smugglers, lots of ex-Rinelle ke’Tesrae. Ties to the Laesa syndicate and the Ancients.

Skraacha: Ork Underground smugglers, Seattle.

Spire Enterprises: Chicago/UCAS smugglers, mostly t-birds.

Technicolor Wings: Anytime, anywhere- so long as you have the nuyen.


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