SINS, Licenses, and Verification

SIN Rating: Usages

1-2: Average stores and restaurants, passcode verification. Purchases/transfers up to 5000 Nuyen.
3: Security and law-enforcement vehicles carry these units, passcode and fingerprint. Transfers/purchases up to 20,000 Nuyen.
4: Corporate, law-enforcement, private security offices have them for detailed checks, passcode, fingerprint, voiceprint. Transfers/purchases up to 200,000 Nuyen.
5: Elite corporate security agencies, retinal and cellular print identification, takes 2d6 minutes. Transfers/purchases of more than 200,000 Nuyen.
6: Highest security, takes 3d6 minutes. Transfers/purchases of more than a million Nuyen.

Licenses: Rating

License are required for specific rights and professions, such as spellcasting, practicing medicine, concealed carry permits, and bounty hunting.

Licenses are also required for specific items, including firearms, augmentations, and drones (depending on the legality of the items in question).

License ratings should be the same rating as the SIN if they are expected to hold up to the same level of scrutiny, the examples above will apply to licenses also.

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SINS, Licenses, and Verification

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