Shiawase Corporation

Slogan: Advancing Life
World HQ: Osaka, Japanese Imperial State
Corporate Court Ranking: #8
CEO: Korin Yamana
Major Shareholders: Hitomi Shiawase

An old family business, which survived the turmoils of the early 21st century unscathed, quickly able to expand in energy production, biotech and environmental procedures. First to fight for and be granted megacorporate sovereignty (later called extraterritoriality): exemption of law on foreign soil.

Longstanding ties with the Japanese Imperial Family have only been strengthened by Hitomi’s ascension to Empress. Their longevity as a corp have granted them more of a long-view mindset than the other AAA’s, and they often manage to outmaneuver their younger peers in the end.

The secretive MFID (Market Information and Forecasting Department) is their espionage department. They are some of the best in the biz.

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Shiawase Corporation

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