Runner Teams

Other groups of runners that the team has encountered:

Black Knights: a corporate runner team (made up of former runners who “sold out” or “bought in”, depending who you ask), they do sponsored runs for Knight Errant, for when they need to accomplish something under the table or extra-legal.

The Blank Verses, led by Marlowe, a cybered-up English ork face. Other members are Astrid, an Austrian combat hacker, Berokh, an exiled Iranian technomancer, Gordal, a dwarf driver, and Scratch a cat shaman and ex-Yakuza. They often take jobs from Exchange.

The Brood: The Draco Foundation’s in-house all-drake runner team, mostly Dunkelzahn’s former drakes.

Drachenshatten: The Shadowdrake’s, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries’ in-house all-drake runner team.

The Exchange Team: Not exactly a formal team, but individuals who frequently take Exchange jobs or work for the Exchange and/or Daedelus exclusively: Tobias Cheney, Ut-Napishtim, and most recently Lafeyette.

The Loose Cannons, led by Malcolm Carella. Specialized in continental Euro heists. Based in Europort. They rely on meticulous planning, followed by a massive over-application of explosives and firepower if that fails. They don’t take jobs at home.

The Lucky Shrikes, an LA-based team led by Sonora, a human mage with extraordinary luck (that doesn’t always extend to her team). The rest of the lineup changes job-to-job, but she has good connections.

New Assets: a group composed mostly of drakes, taking missions to help dracoforms around the world. Named after Assets, INC. a runner team that did missions for Dunkelzahn back in the day.

Prime Runners: a corp runner team, made up of some former enemies and allies of the team. They were all killed save for April O’Mally.

The Smoker’s Club: A wetwork network, started by the legendary runner and fixer Yankee. Current members include Yankee’s protege Riser, although his recent infection is causing some problems.

Runner Teams

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