Proteus AG

An AA based out of Helgoland, AGS, they emerged in the ’50’s with an unknown source of funding, and purchased the remnants of failed mutli-corp Project Arkoblock. They quickly became an innovator in arkoblock construction and self-sufficient facilities, as well as a global powerhouse, while remaining privately held and very secretive.

Currently controlled by the Prometheus Foundation, one of their initial funders, after their entire executive suite was assassinated in 2063, and one of their arkoblocks was destroyed by a Thor Shot. The Foundation is controlled by the current CEO, Kevin Goldhammer, a utopian transhumanist. Their “Progeny” subsid offers designer children along this line of thinking. They also possess a large “fringe sciences” division.

Their facilities have recently been in a worldwide state of total lockdown. Rumors are that they are either dealing with a CFD outbreak or afraid of one. Supplies go in and out, but no personnel transfers occur. Their dedication to either altering metahumans to survive in extreme environments, or altering the environments to suite the metahumans, leaves them as a prime suspect in all sorts of conspiracy theories, as well as garnering them accusation of corporate eugenics projects (many positions within their deep sea and deep space facilities require significant, and irreversible, alterations).

Their focus on making the oceans work more efficiently for metahumanity has also drawn the ire of the Sea Dragon. They sell a lot of the sustainable biotech research that they conduct in the arkoblocks to other corps, especially Shiawase, who currently dominates the krill protein market.

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Proteus AG

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