Omega Dawn

They target leftists, runners, community activists, street preachers, and any other groups with “anti-corp” agendas. They are a new agent on the scene, with unknown motivations, origins, and support systems, but they seem to have corporate or military support or at least close ties. They operate very tactically, in squads of five, and often leave maimed survivors from their attacks booby-trapped to cause further harm amongst anyone who tries to assist. Their “sunburst behind omega symbol” stencil has been showing up at massacres, disappearances, and murders around the globe, and they are getting a reputation as some serious heavy-hitters, whoever they are.

The team found out that they are a cross-corporate right-wing deathsquad, primarily composed of ex-military types who work(ed) in corpsec. It seems the members have either been injured or lost co-workers to runners, or are hardcore believer’s in corp supremacy, or become hardened against the poor and various “criminal elements” during tours near z-zones or in barrens. There is a secret internal military rank system, but it is unclear who is at the top. They acquire gear from all the corps that they draw members from, as well as matrix support, but they don’t seem to have much magical or matrix support in the field usually. The corps supposedly don’t know of this project, as cross-corp fraternization is heavily discouraged, and usually disallowed.

Known Members:
The Soak

Unclear if the name has anything to do with the Corporate Court’s feared Omega Orders.

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Omega Dawn

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