Slogan: Tomorrow Runs On NeoNET
World HQ: Boston, UCAS
Corporate Court Ranking: #2
CEO: Richard Villiers
Other Shareholders/Employees: Celedyr, Medjay, Miles Lanier, Cerberus, Cara Villiers (having taken over Samantha Villiers and Martin Villiers’ shares)

Created from Novatech’s merger with Transys Neuronet and Erika, pioneers of the new wireless Matrix, to form this powerhouse in the Matrix sector, but with diversified holdings in many other sectors. Pursuing Dunkelzahn’s bequest for a dragon datajack via Cerberus/Eliohann’s Emerging Futures subsid. Their private security/policing subsid is Minutemen Security, often supported by biodrones with e-critter matrix support courtesy of Eliohann’s acquisition of ParaShield.

The great dragon Celedyr has numerous private facilities at which he conducts research and experiments for the corp (and himself). These include a major lab in Carleon, Wales (thought to be his main base & hoard), numerous facilities in Boston, and a formerly secret lab in the Mojave, exposed by Jackpoint members as a site of experimentation on e-ghosts, AI’s and other digital “lifeforms”. This is thought to be where FastJack and Riser became infected with CFD. Celedyr also controls a private army called the Knights of Rage, which originated as a Nubain/Celtic street gang, and which he has cultivated into a serious force.

NN has been losing talent and top execs all over the place, trying to secure a good spot before the corp possibly collapses under the weight of what happened in Boston. Spinrad Industries has been snapping up people and subsids where they can.

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