Nadja Fixer Network

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A mysterious assemblage of fixers, all clones? impersonators? of Nadja Daviar. They showed up on the scene a few years after the 2nd Matrix Crash. They operate globally, and have been pursuing an unclear goal or goals. It is unknown if they are even working together, or if they have any connection to the real Daviar. There are at least 6 individual members, and possibly as many as 12 (depending on the use of fake SINS and such). 3 of them have been killed, in different parts of the world, with vastly different MO’s, since the real Daviar reappeared.

Known members:
Corinna (Chicago/DC)
Irina (Southern Europe)
Mischa (LA)
Natalia (Seattle)
Sofia (Matrix)
Valeria (New York)
Yelena (Global)

Diana (Denver), Marija (London), and Helen (Neo-Tokyo) were recently killed.

Sometimes cooperate with the Las Munecas network in South America.

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Nadja Fixer Network

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