Moonlight Thorns

The Moonlight Thorns are the bodyguards and assassins of top-ranked Tír nobility, hereditary assets loyal to a member of the Council of Princes. While they often operate in tandem with the more mundane Peace Force assets a nobleman can call to service, they frequently work alone or in pairs, far from the media attention the military might claim.

Under Princes Taylor and Gant’s military and intelligence reforms, the Moonlight Thorns have opened their ranks to non-elves and other types of adepts than purely the Physical. The group is thriving under the looser membership restrictions and has grown more versatile and idealistic recently. They operate both within the Tír and outside its borders, as secret security and killers, spies and thieves, information gatherers and spreaders of lies.

Rumors persist of a “true” Thorns group operating solely in the shadows, sponsored or allied with the Brat’Mael or Mistish Farad, functioning as an all-elven group that works for an exiled Prince.

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Moonlight Thorns

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