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This is Mars in the 2070’s. Colonization took place over the past decade, after rapid magically-assisted terraforming.

There is one primary city on Mars, Mars City. This is the main population hub, though there are some outlying towns along the highways in the wastes, as well as near the spaceport. Security in the city is provided by the Mars City Police Department, which is operated by LoneStar but overseen by the Mars City Government on Phobos. Breaking the law may earn you a one-way ticket to the prison moon, Deimos.

In the wastelands, security is much more piecemeal, and ‘justice’ often both harsher and more immediate. Needless to say, the Corporate Arcologies are considerably better guarded, both against intruders and would-be escapees.

The city itself is divided in two. Above, there is the glitz and dazzle of the upper city, where the Corps reign supreme and the stars shine at night. Beneath the plate that serves as the base for the upper city, lies the rest of the town: the undercity. See, when the Corps first showed up and claimed their stakes, they brought a lot of cheap laborers and desperate immigrants along with them. They all lived near the bases of the Corp towers that they built, and tried to make a go of their new life on Mars. Problem was, once the rich, famous, and influential started showing up, they didn’t want to be bumping elbows with all the riffraff, so the Corps hatched a plan. They closed off the bottom half dozen stories or so of their towers, and built a new street level above the original Mars City. Of course, all the folks living there didn’t get an invite to the topside. They’re stuck in the artificial glow of the undercity, unless they can scrape together enough nuyen to buy their ticket up. Of course, anyone not wanted by the law can visit the topside, but staying there is the trick. The undercity also continues to serve as the destination of choice for anyone looking for a new beginning: fugitives from Earth, as well as migrants from the wastelands. Life, as they say, is cheap.

All in all, it’s a harsh world, omae. Watch your back, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.


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