Magical Orders

Public Orders:
The Ash Union: A loose society of runners and other shadow-dwellers in Chicago, especially the CZ. Lothan The Wise leads and organizes.
ASPS: The Astral Space Preservation Society, formed from Dunkelzahn’s Will.
Illuminates of the New Dawn: One of the world’s largest magical orders.
Oxford Grand Lodge: Main New Druidic Movement Lodge in UK
New Labor Movement Party: anti-toxic awakened/mundane unity policlub in UK
United Talismonger’s Association: West Coast arcana suppliers, based in CalFree.
Vigilant Iron Schooling House: adept combat society, a good spot for runners with a conscience. Started in the Redmond Barrens and franchised from there.

Corporate Orders:
Brotherhood of the Iron Crescent: 10,000 Daggers’ initiatory order.
DIMR: Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research, formed from his Will.
Gate of Ishtar: Security consultants with an interest in metaplanes. Based in Seattle.
Gladio: Aztechnology’s bloodsport league society.
Malakim: Anti- Ares order, possibly bug-infested. Ex-Seraphim, the special forces of former Ares rival Cross Applied Technologies.
Mystic Crusaders: The Atlantean Foundation’s magical special forces. Or perhaps something more?
Order of Merlyn: In-house Mafia Initiatory Group
Pathfinders: The Pueblo Corporate Council’s magical investigators and protection service.
Project Wampum: Lone Star Security Services’ mage acquisition program.
Research Unit 13: Mitsuhama Computer Technologies’ in-house order, focussed on spell combat and security.
Seer’s Guild: European oracles and forecasters.
Treasure Hunters, INC: Underwater salvage experts, with a focus on telesma, reagents, and artifacts

Secret Orders:
Benandanti XXV: The great dragon Schwartzkopf’s personal order, dedicated to magical theory, history, and phenomena.
The Black Lodge: a secretive and well-funded group, possibly pulling the strings behind many a world event, depending on who you believe…
Brotherhood of Darkness: Ascetic order formed after Shedim entered the world, to combat the forces of darkness. Mostly Eastern European.
Circumspece: Tamanous-affiliated Satanic order.
The Doctor Faustus Society, a powerful and secretive group based in Germany, that cherrypicks members from Europe’s elite universities. So long as they’re human males….
Heavenherds: Zulu separatists in Azania.
Moonlight Thorns: Adept spies and assassins for Tir Tairngire Council of Princes.
Ordo Maximus: Sort of an open secret. Euro academic/hermetic order, possibly run by vampires (the inner circle is a true secret).
Society of the Golden Key: escapists and prestidigitators, hate slavery and confinement.
The Travellers: Shwartzkopf’s private relic and critter hunters.
Vigor Sanguis: Socio- (or possibly psycho-) pathic sacrifice magic advocates.

Hysterical Orders:
Aleph Society: Associated with free spirits, or at least fixated on them. Pseudo-religious. Researching and treating magical burnout’s is their main goal. Adverse relations with Phoenix Arisen.
Children of the Dragon: Dunkelzahn worshippers.
Creedus Maximus: Targeting talismongers worldwide.
Lorekeepers: Fanatical collectors of arcana, guardians of the Vault of Lore
Mana: A street gang society focussed on combat magic. Wiz!
Order of St George, of which Lodestone is a member. They were largely wiped out during the Draconic Civil War.
Painted Horse Lodge: Loosely based in Dallas, but Lodges exist all over the Americas. Researching mentor spirits, metaplanes, and open to all shamans.
Shasta Shamans: Hestaby’s supporters, largely wiped out in Draconic Civil War. On a revenge quest since then, and rumors of dark magic abound.
Society of the Phoenix Arisen: Also interested in burnouts, but from a tech standpoint. Most members have at least some implants. Recently decimated in a possibly CFD-related explosion. Adverse relations with Aleph.
Technomagicians: A mix of awakened and emerged persons, they claim to have some dual magic/resonant individuals but have not proffered up any proof as yet.

Religious Orders:
Cracking the Bones: A coordination of vodou practitioners throughout the Western hemisphere.
Jamil Islamyah: Fanatical/fundamentalist Islamic order, dedicated to using their “curse” of awakening to furthering Allah’s will.
Knights Templar: Ancient crusaders, still kicking after all these years.
Sylvestrine Order this is the group that shows Catholics how to properly incorporate magic into their lives.
Vigilia Evangelica: the Vatican’s secret police, and artifact collectors/guardians.

Local Orders:
Sorcerers Institute: fast growing magical academic fraternity.
Planestriders: metaplanar experts.
Hong Kong
Sons of Thunder and Sea: Jackpoint member Lei Kung is among their advisers/leaders.
Daughters of Yemaja (Avengers/defenders of women)
Magical Investors Group: Investors, financiers, and attorneys.
Rat Pack: Urban shamans, hooding as healers and profiting from smuggling.
Society of Hawks: all the city’s richest mages. Into artifacts and fame.
Mars City
Hermetic Order of the Crimson Lands, whose members include(d) Madame Gavral, “K”, and Arlen Thompson.
Dead Warlocks: street mages and combat spells.
Codigo 525: ex-Brazilian regime death squad origins
Hermetic Order of the Auric Aurora: Focussed on defensive magic, and ending the “blight” of wizzer gangs.
United Corporate Council Contractor Society: Magical private eyes & above board contractors, sometimes promoted to Zurich Orbital.
Sisterhood of Ariadne: Snohomish, Wiccan divination shamans.

Magical Orders

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