Magical Orders

On Earth, the team has encountered other orders:
The Ash Union: A loose society of runners and other shadow-dwellers in Chicago, especially the CZ. Lothan The Wise leads and organizes.

The Black Lodge: a secretive group, possibly pulling the strings behind many a world event, depending on who you believe…

The Doctor Faustus Society, a powerful and secretive group based in Germany, that cherrypicks members from Europe’s elite universities. So long as they’re human males….

Illuminates of the New Dawn: One of the world’s largest magical orders.

The Order of St George, of which Lodestone is a member. They were largely wiped out by dragons.

Ordo Maximus, Euro academic/hermetic order.

Society of the Golden Key: escapists and prestidigitators, hate slavery and confinement.

Sons of Thunder and Sea: Jackpoint member Lei Kung is among their advisers/leaders. Based in Hong Kong.

On Mars, the team has encountered one Order:
Hermetic Order of the Crimson Lands, whose members include(d) Madame Gavral, “K”, and Arlen Thompson.

Magical Orders

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