Mad Martians

Undercity gang, led by the charismatic Yoleus. Focused mostly on supplying Mars City with a variety of street drugs and rare chems. Their turf is hemmed in by the city edge on the south side, the Black Shadows on the north, an uppercity support strut to the west, and the Problem Children to the east. The MM’s have recently allied with the similarly mid-sized street gang the Problem Children to take on the more powerful Black Shadows. This has lead to a recent increase in territory for the MM’s, although it also has necessitated something of a resource drain. Yoleus recently survived an ambush set by Black Shadows boss Long Pig and hitman Halfman at a hospital, where Long Pig was rumored to have been taken after being injured in a bombing. One of the centers of gang activity is Fat Carl’s Famous Sub Shop and Public House, an undercity landmark.

Having helped crush the BS, they are now splitting turf with the PC, but how long can these peaceful relations last?

Members & Affiliates
Barry Goldstein
Fat Carl

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Mad Martians

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