Lone Star Security Services

HQ: Dallas, Texas, CAS

Lone Star is the first of the private policing corporations that have taken over the majority of law enforcement services globally. Lone Star tends to avoid unprofitably dangerous areas such as the Seattle barrens (Puyallup and Redmond). They recently lost a bidding war and low level conflict with Ares subsidiary Knight Errant over security contracts in Seattle and Mars City. They operate primarily in the CAS and UCAS.

LS’ big advantage over the other private sec firms is their lack of megacorporate ties, so they remain popular with many smaller entities that don’t want the mega’s having an inside look at their business. LS also remains the world leader in private prison management, having held onto those contracts even while losing turf nearby to KE and others.

Their in-house runner teams are referred to as the Shadowriders.
They are developing an in-house Magical Order called Project Wampum.


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Lone Star Security Services

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