Addiction: Everytime you use a drug, make a check (either physiological, psychological, or both as appropriate), with a threshold equal to the drugs addiction threshold (pg. 414 core book). Track your failures. Once you get a number of failures equal to (11- the addiciton rating), you gain the addiciton negative quality at one level higher than your current level for that drug. You can spend 1 karma to buy off 1 failure (or x karma for x failures), but if you gain the addiction quality you must buy it off as normal.
Foci Addiction: Moderate addiction: have a hard time turning them off. Severe addiction: require more powerful foci semi-regularly, to up their addiction. Burnout: can’t use magic without their foci.
Also remember:
Too much of anything can hurt you, or even kill you. Whenever you take a substance while you’re
already on that substance or one that has a shared effect (like the way cram and novacoke both affect
Reaction), you take Stun damage with a DV equal to the sum of the Addiction Ratings of the overlapping
drugs, resisted with Body + Willpower.
When drugs are mixed, bad things happen. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t, and the more
drugs involved, the worse it can get. If you take a drug while still under the effect of another drug or
recovering from a drug crash, you run the risk of experiencing a drug interaction.
Roll 1D6 for each drug beyond the first, and total the results. Modify the total by drug grade (if
applicable) and consult the following table.
Drug Interactions Table
Designer drugs: –1 to roll result if all drugs used are designer drugs
1 Double duration of all drugs
2–4 No side effect
5–6 Duration of all crash effects are doubled
7–9 Crash effects occur immediately
10 Immediately take 3S damage, unresisted
11–13 Crash effect damage is Physical instead of Stun
14+ Immediately resist 10P damage by Body only

Assistance: A character can accept assistance up to their skill rank, with up to 2 additional dice for an appropriate specialization.

Banned Qualities:
-Jack of All Trades
-Revels in Murder

Breaking Codes of Honor:
First infraction (per run): loss of 1 Karma point (if the character does not have a point of good Karma, then a reduction of 1 Karma from the mission reward).
Second infraction: not able to use Edge the remainder of the mission (even if able to eat and sleep for 8 hours)
Third infraction: no Karma reward for the mission.
Fourth infraction: What? Would it ever get this bad? Well, one Edge point burnt, gone forever…well, until the character spends Karma to buy it back.

Cash for Karma/Karma for Cash: Once per month you may choose to Work For The Man or Work For The People.
If you are Working for the Man, you can trade 1 Karma for 2,000¥. This represents your character going out and doing the dirty, sleazy, or simply boring grunt work for a company or corporation. It pays well, but eats away at your soul.
If you Work for the People, you can trade 2,000¥ for 1 Karma. This represents you going out and doing some pro-bono runner work, helping out at a local soup kitchen, or doing some volunteer work. It costs you a little something, but you feel better about yourself afterward.
In either case, you may only trade away or gain a maximum of 5 Karma each time you Work for the Man or the People, and it takes up one week of downtime during which you can do nothing else. You cannot do this again until after you pull another run.

New Codes of Honor:
Thieves Code: Required of members of the Society of the Golden Key. The code is simple, composed of only 2 parts: “Thieves Prosper, and the Rich Remember.” In play this means that someone sworn to this code will not only not betray other thieves, but will attempt to help and shelter them where possible, and that the thief will make sure to focus their thieving on the rich and powerful as often as possible, to make sure that members of those groups don’t forget that they aren’t untouchable.

Control Rig: Add rating as a dice pool bonus on all vehicle skill tests (including gunnery). Add rating as a limit bonus to device, vehicle, and drone checks (including speed, handling, sensor and weapon accuracy when fired by the rigger). This does not change device stats themselves (it does not increase the actual speed for example). Reduce vehicle test difficulty thresholds by the rating, to a minimum of 1.

Dartgun: As in book, but needs 5 net hits to penetrate anything with the “hardened” keyword.

Drone/Vehicle Sensors: Use the sensor rules on page 446 of the Core book. Drones/vehicles come with a sensor array equal to their sensor stat- what sensors are included is up to you. Sensor arrays can be upgraded as per the table on 446, assuming the drone/vehicle is large enough to fit a larger array. A drone/vehicle sensor array comes with a number of different sensors equal to the rating, with each individual sensor also have a rating equal to the rating of the array.

Electrical Attacks: All electrical melee attacks have the option to do either of the following:
1. Do a “touch only” attack, gaining +2 to hit, but net hits do not stage up damage.
2. Do a “regular” attack, no bonus to hit, but net hits stage up damage as regular.
In either case, ties cause no damage but still cause the electrical effects to initiative and dice pool.

EMP/HERF: (57 Arsenal) function as the “pulse” spell, generally, with a few exceptions. Objects/items affected need to make an object resistance test (grenade/HERF: 3 or Pulse: spell force), (pg. 295 Core), or lose some functionality. At minimum, this will be signal degradation (grenade: 3, HERF: net hits, or Pulse: spell force), and can include lost memory, lost power, or even small fires or explosions. RFID chips are strongly affected, as is older tech, though most modern tech (and ’ware) are optical-, instead of antennae-based, and thus only signal might be affected.
For dealing with CFD, these weapons are more of a delaying tactic than a cure, but can slow the spread of soft nanites or potentially prevent initial infection after exposure (context dependent).
Grenade: 16F, 500Y. 10M radius, threshold -1/2m outside.
HERF: 16F, 2500Y. 50M maximum range. Uses exotic weapon (HERF) + agility.

The Exchange: How to use the Exchange:
-Players may use a point of Edge to call on the Exchange when in a location where other members would conceivably be.
-They can then gain a small situational benefit such as: an unexpectedly unlocked car or building door, a clip of ammo or grenade stashed nearby, a conveniently non-working camera or sensor, a spare ticket to a sold-out event, an introduction to a local gang, syndicate, smuggler, arms dealer, talismonger, or street doc; etc.
-The more players use this service, the more they will be called on to assist others. They have to have a running program in their comm that provides GPS location and a secure messaging service in order to participate.

Firearm Skills:
-Pistol, Automatics, Longarm all can be used for other gun skills at -2

First Aid/Healing: Use “Bullet and Bandages” optional rules. Need to exceed threshold (2), net hits over heal damage. If the patient is diagnosed and stabilized beforehand, net hits heal 2 boxes/hit. Characters wearing full armor halve net hits, rounding up. -dice = essence loss for magical healing.

Focus Upgrading: A talismonger can upgrade existing foci. It takes a number of days equal to the new force, and costs the difference between the old force and the new force in nuyen, +20% for materials & labor. It also costs the difference between the old and new force in karma.

Heavy Weapons: Bod and Str of 8 or higher are required to use most heavy weapons without a gyro-stabilizer, bipod/tripod, or fixed mount.

Horizon P2.1 Network: Acts as a Loy 1 / Conn 3 contact for members, mostly useful for social hookups and connections.

Incendiary Grenade: 8p, -5, 10m radius. 120Y.

Licenses: Licenses are 200¥ each and are attached to a SIN. They operate at the rating of the SIN. Licenses are required (1 each) for the following categories:
Mage/Adept/Mystic Adept license, this is more of a registration of being a magic user.
Firearms, covers owning all forms of restricted guns and ammo/modifications
Concealed Carry, covers carrying a loaded and concealed firearm
Restricted Armor, covers restricted armor and modifications, including items like shields
Melee Weaponry, covers restricted melee weapons
Augmentations, covers restricted cyber/bioware
Explosives, covers use of restricted explosives.
Demolitions, attempt to cover use of commercial grade explosives.
Job license, these are a bit looser, used as a further evidence or to cover specific items like Medical, Riggers or Spider licenses.

Machine Guns: Composure test (2) required to take any action other than drop prone/take cover in response to suppressive fire from machine guns.

Martial Arts: add Rutra, the ork martial art. Techniques: Clinch, Counterstrike, Full offense, Haymaker, Kick Attack, Throw person.

Melee Weapon Upgrades:
-improved accuracy (custom weighting, mercury channels, etc): spend 2 karma + 2,000 nuyen to personalize your weapon & train with it, increasing accuracy by +1. This may be done up to 3 times.
-improved damage (monofil edge, etc): pay 5,000 nuyen (or 500 per projectile) to add +1 damage. This may be done once.
-improved range (throwable weapons only) (custom balanced, aerodynamic, etc): pay 2,000 nuyen (or 200 per projectile) to reduce range penalty by -1 dice (i.e. -3 becomes -2). This may be done up to 3 times. It does not effect actual weapon range.

Mini-guns/High Velocity Weapons: “Minigun” rate of Fire: some weapons, such as the Ares HVAR rifle and GE Vindicator Minigun fire at an extreme rate of fire. To simulate this any Full Auto mode attack uses 50% extra rounds. A Simple action FA burst becomes 9 rounds and a Complex action uses 15 rounds. Also the Brain Blaster Complex Action uses 9 bullets and gives a +3 DV bonus. All uncompensated recoil is doubled.
Miniguns only: during Suppression the minigun uses 40 bullets. This enables the weapon to either cover twice the area OR do 1.5 times the damage (round up).

Motivations: All characters should take three motivations, as in Eclipse Phase, using a + or – symbol to signify whether they are for or against the specific motivation. I.e., +Ork Underground = in favor of ork underground, it’s goals etc. -AI = against rights for sentient artificial intelligences, etc. Ideally, there should be 1 short-term, 1 medium-term, and 1 long-term motivation, and achieving goals along these motivational paths will refresh 1 point of edge. Edge will still also refresh at the regular 1/day rate.

Non-Lethal Melee: To convert P damage to S in melee:
Roll a normal melee attack -2, the damage is 1/2 normal and stun, with no AP.
Or, called shot to split damage.

Pets/Animal Ownership:
Purchasing an animal and shipping it costs a flat 500¥ per point of body in order to transport
it to your location.
Alligator 6R 300¥ Middle
Boar 10 400¥ High
Cat, Domestic – 50¥ Squatter
Chimpanzee 12R 20,000¥ Luxury
Dog (cloned) – 75¥ Low
Eagle 12F 7500¥ High
Ferret – 250¥ Middle
Goldfish – 2¥ Squatter
Horse 4 2,000¥ Luxury
Snake (nonvenomous)– 100¥ Low
Abrams Lobster 14F 7,000¥ High
Agropelter 12F 5000¥ High
Bandit 8R 2,000¥ Low
Barghest 15R 11,000¥ High
Bear 16F 9,000¥ Luxury
Basilisk 14R 40,000¥ Middle
Blood Monkey 16F 10,000¥ Luxury
Cat, Great 12R 5,000¥ High
Cerberus Hound 20F 80,000¥ Luxury
Cockatrice 10R 3500¥ High
Death Rattle 14F 22,000¥ High
Deathspiral Butterfly 8F 500¥ Low
Demon Rat (alpha only) 22F 30,000¥ High
Devil Rat 6R 300¥ Squatter
Elephant 12F 55,000¥ Luxury
Fenrir Wolf 10F 14,000¥ Middle
Gabriel Hound 8R 2,000¥ Middle ( Sprawl Wilds, pg.14)
Gomatia 8 5,000¥ Middle
Hell Hound 15R 10,000¥ High
Horned Bear 13R 50,000¥ Luxury
Martichoras 16F 40,000¥ Luxury
Ozian Baboon 13R 65,000¥ Luxury
Phoenician Bird 17F 70,000¥ High
Pegasus 12F 5,000¥ Luxury
Peryton 10R 45,000¥ Luxury
Piasma 18F 80,000¥ Luxury
Roc, Lesser 9R 11,500¥ High
SaberTooth Cat 18R 25,000¥ Luxury ( Tennessee Suite 1)
Sea Lion 12R 6,000¥ Luxury
Shadow Hound 8R 3,000¥ High
Snow Snake 6R 2500¥ Middle
Unicorn 12R 8,000¥ Luxury
Volleying Porcupine 8R 1000¥ High
Wolf 12R 1,000¥ Middle
Wolverine, Greater 18F 46,000¥ Luxury
Purebred, noncloned,luxury, or exotic varieties are available. Costs for these are much higher than the
standard or cloned variety.

How many animals can I own?
You may own two animals (any combination) at the minimum lifestyle for the highest lifestyle of
the two. If you wish to own three or more, you need to have a minimum lifestyle one higher than the
highest required. The only exception is that Luxury lifestyle allows you to own as many animals as you
can afford.

Projectile Weapons: bows, thrown weapons, etc all use a single skill. Specializations work as normal.

Repair: Items and tech repair at a cost of 2% of total cost/box of damage for the materials, plus relevant labor cost (if any) as in Run and Gun pg. 143. For drones/vehicles, this cost % only includes upgrades to the drone/vehicle itself, not any added weapons or sensor systems (which should be repaired independently using the same rules, if also damaged). If an item has exceeded both its matrix and physical damage tracks, it is non-repairable.

add a new skill, “self-propelled transport”, including these specializations: skate, ski, bike, board

Small Unit Tactics:
1 karma for team leader to learn a new maneuver, then an instruction/leadership check to teach to a team. Anyone who gets 1 success or more learns the maneuver.

Stim Patches:
Technically, stim patches do not heal anything. They simply temporarily remove the damage for a short period of time. Stim patches can be used to negate the stun damage done by drain. However, when the stim patch wears off the user reapplies the removed stun damage, plus one extra box of stun. To prevent abuse, this extra box of stun is also counted as Drain damage, and thus is unable to be healed magically. Stim patches prevent the user from resting/falling asleep while they are active.

Target-Size Modifiers: From Run and Gun, pg. 107. Bonuses or penalties to attack and perception based on size of target:
Miniscule: -3 (Micro drones)
Tiny: -2 (Mini drones, door locks, door hinges, security keypads)
Small: -1 (Metahuman (Bod + Str = 2-4), small drones)
Average: 0 (Metahuman (Bod + Str = 5-10), medium drones)
Bulky: 1 (Metahuman (Bod + Str = 11-15), vehicles, large drones)
Large: 2 (Metahuman (Bod + Str = 16+), large vehicles)
Huge: 3 (Jumbo jet, etc)

Upgrading ’Ware/Foci/etc: Pay the difference in cost between current level and desired level, in both nuyen and karma, and add an extra 20% to the nuyen cost only to pay for materials/labor/etc.

Two-Handed Weapons: Using a 2-handed weapon 1-handed incurs a -2 dicepool penalty, and doubles all uncompensated recoil. A body and strength of 4 or higher is required to do this.


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