Gilgamesh Initiative

The team discovered this program when Lodestone probed former Prime Runner April O’Mally’s mind. The team gained much new info after Lodestone and Jane probed Thankyou’s mind for details.

April O’Mally

Aka the ‘Legendary Warrior Project’, this is a blacksite spinoff of Aztechnology/Israel’s jointly developed Augmented Soldier Program. Scouts travel the worlds, looking for suitable candidates, and then often hire or incite local goons of one sort or another to put the candidate into a local ‘friendly’ hopsital. There, a specialist team of medics will implant a number of experimental devices and advanced pieces of ’ware into the unsuspecting patient. The attacks are often disguised, and the datatrail back to the original hirer heavily obscured.

The candidates are then released back into world, unsuspecting, while they are carefully monitored (and occasionally liquidated) by roving teams. This program is rumored to be run by doctors, scientists, and mages for whom even the extremely loose restrictions placed on them by Israeli and Azzie overseers were too much. It is not known if they have any official connection to the successor ASP program these days, or any sort of oversite at all, and it is unclear where they get their funding. Rumors of purported graduates of this program, and their capabilities, vary from the ridiculous to the truly terrifying, but very little is truly known.

The team found significant info in the ACHE and the Chicago GI lab: apparently the GI was founded by Thomas Roxborough, an AZT shareholder, after he traded/purchased info on biodrones from Deus. He worked with the Israelis until such time as that program became too restrictive (due to high casualty rates and demands for oversight), before taking the GI solo. Since then, he has been a rogue agent, though he still seems able to draw on AZT resources (including powerful blood mages), as well as advanced biotech from Universal Omnitech, of which he is also a major shareholder. However, having recently lost the Scandinavian Union, Chicago, and Mars bases, he is most likely on a bit of a backfoot.

Remaining known localtions: Lagos, Tenochtitlan. Rumored to be establishing an Boston lab due to “promising developments” there- which was recently taken out after discovery.

When hired out as assassins, the GI presents the hirer with 5 options, the only input they receive besides choosing a target and providing payment. The options are: surgical, accurate, scattershot, blanket, atrocity.

Ordo Maximus has been providing some funding recently.

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Gilgamesh Initiative

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