Former AAA Megacorportaions

Fuchi Industrial Electronics, a computer giant built by the Nakatomis and Yamanas from Japan and Richard Villiers from Boston, Massachusetts. Focused heavily in computers and Matrix technologies. Disintegrated during the Corp War of ’59 – ’60 due to corporate infighting, and fractured. Richard Villiers took his piece and formed Novatech.

Novatech, Richard Villiers’ remnant of Fuchi that was based in Boston, Massachusetts. Focused on computer and Matrix technologies, also heavy into the brief space race for Halley’s Comet in 2061. Nearly bankrupt in 2064, it was forced into an unprecedented IPO, which led to the second Matrix crash. Smarting from the PR fallout, it formed NeoNET by merging with Transys Neuronet and Erika.

Cross Applied Technologies, a Free Quebec-based company that rose in power due to the Corp War in ’59-’60, it was the smallest of the AAA corporations. When its founder, Lucien Cross, died in a plane crash on the night of the second Matrix crash, Ares Macrotechnology, its biggest rival, snapped up enough of Cross’ subsidiaries and holdings to nullify its AAA status.

Yamatetsu; after moving the corporate headquarters from Japan to Vladivostok, Russia and shifting focus towards metahuman ventures, it renamed itself Evo in the 2060s.

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Former AAA Megacorportaions

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