A mysterious, but seemingly benevolent, group that operates in Seattle. The Exchange will contact runners and give them instructions, ranging from the mundane to the bizaare (i.e. leave behind an ammo clip on such and such a corner or don’t wear red today) and those who cooperate often find themselves on the receiving end of some unexpected, but much needed, aid on their own runs. It is rumored to be run by one or more free AI’s, and is being targeted by the Turing Army.

A Mars City version is emerging, and the team has occasionally helped Daedelus to get it started.

Some team members recently gained access to the Exchange on Earth.

Known Members:
Tobias Cheney

How to use the Exchange:
-Players may use a point of Edge to call on the Exchange when in a location where other Runners would conceivably be.
-They can then gain a small situational benefit such as: an unexpectedly unlocked car or building door, a clip of ammo or grenade stashed nearby, a conveniently non-working camera or sensor, a spare ticket to a sold-out event, an introduction to a local gang, syndicate, smuggler, arms dealer, talismonger, or street doc; etc.
-The more players use this service, the more they will be called on to assist others. They have to have a running program in their comm that provides GPS location and a secure messaging service in order to participate.

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