Ex-Corporate Scientists

A private lab in Atlanta, initially funded by Chem and Toast using their Boston paydays. Gethin later recruited a poison specialist and added to the bio lab.
Set up through a series of shell corps via the lawyer Imaginary Annie Goldsmith.

Staff has mostly been recruited from Ares Macrotechnology, given that Chem still has connections there and that there are many disgruntled employees, given the recent Excalibur debacle as well as all the bug rumors, especially around Young Nick Aurelius’ suspicious death.

Acts as a loyalty 3, connection 5 contact.

Current Staff:
Hideki Oshiro: Chem Tech
Taika Van-Breda: Bio Tech
Purnama Cahaya: Weapons Tech
Kusuma Raja: Spirit Tech
Fausta Vinci: Armor Tech
Kizzie Salucci: Explosives Tech
Charalampos Apollonia: Poison Tech
Yasser Melisizwe: Alchemist
Jabir Vlatka: Ritualist

Current Facility Composition:
1 chem/bio lab
1 arms/armor R&D lab
1 alchemy/ritual lab

Current Monthly Upkeep:
9k (if staff can also work on/sell own projects), 18k (if not)

Chem owns 1/3rd, Toast owns 2/3rds..

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Ex-Corporate Scientists

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