Evo Corporation

Slogan: Changing Life
World HQ: Vladivostok, Russia
Corporate Court Ranking: #6
CEO: Yuri Shibanokuji (deceased)
Major Employees: Buttercup, Nikolai Morozov

Formerly called Yamatetsu, a corp based in Vladivostok, Russia, that focuses on nano- and bio-technology, genetics research and other transhumanist technologies, and “metahuman factors engineering” (products made specifically for metas). Zion Amalgamated is a major competitor in the transhumanist tech field, as they are willing to cross boundaries that Evo will not. The first corp to become transplanetary after establishing a Mars base.

They are running a safe haven of sorts for Monads, being one of the most open-minded Mega’s, as well as one of the hardest hit by CFD. Their Roskosmos subsid is planning a large series of launches to transport the Monads to Evo’s Mars Base, which has been entirely taken over/repurposed, and is pursuing strange experiments to alter metahumans to be able to live on Mars without equipment.

After their CEO was recently assassinated, a multi-way race to pick his successor began. Out of a colorful field, the naga Ysil appears to be the likeliest victor.

Atlas Park
Nikolai Morozov

One of their largest subsids is CrashCart, a full-service medical rescue corp, competing for market share with Doc Wagon and Prosperity.

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Evo Corporation

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