Diseases, Drugs, Toxins, and Viruses



Blue 227: Aztechnology’s anti-dragon nanoweapon. Tested on some of Sirrurg’s followers before they used it to bring down The Great Destroyer himself. Causes some lingering rage issues in exposed metahumans. Developed using stolen tech from Project Vulcan, the secret AZT/ NeoNET collaboration to revive Eliohann.

Deus’ Nano-Toxin: (addiction rating 10, threshold 4)
Duration: (1d6) minutes.
Onset: Immediate
–2 to Logic, +1 to Willpower, +1 Initiative Dice. Ignore all Physical and Stun penalties. +1 all dicepools per other infected within mesh range, max 4. The user will attack the nearest person not in their mesh network until one of them is dead with their most potent weapon, magic, etc. When they crash, all of their Attributes drop by –2 (Min. 1) for (1d6) minutes, and they take 10S.
The software can be activated three ways: By Deus’ order (Free Action), User’s Free Action, or automatically once they take any damage (not including Drain).

Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder

HMHVV oddities: Rumors of the spread of a new Sangre del Diablo variant called “Sangre del Santo Diablo” have been spreading. The tree apparently acts a passive carrier for the ghoul virus strain of HMHVV, and infects it’s few surviving victims. Strangely this blend of tree seems to be most common in the PNW currently.

Diseases, Drugs, Toxins, and Viruses

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