DIMR, the Dunkelzahn Institute for Magical Research, was established by D’s will, alongside the Draco Foundation. DIMR’s board, as established in the will, is composed of the following indivduals: one person each from MIT&T, the Atlantean Foundation, the Native American nations, Tír na nÓg, the University of Chicago, the universities competing in southern California and the People’s University in Berkeley, the Lagenzell Institute, the Oxford Royal College of Magicians, and my old friend Ehran, also known as the Scribe.

Although they share many goals, and some resources, the 2 organizations are not as cooperative as many would assume, as the powerful personalities in charge of each are often squabbling. DIMR is closely invloved with the Astral Space Preservation Society. Although they share a board member with the Atlantean Foundation, they rarely cooperate.

Known Members:
Ehran the Scribe

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