Deimos is the second of Mars’ moons. It hosts a moon-wide prison colony, much of the area of which is devoted to vast krill and algae farms, as well as some more traditional plants and a small amount of livestock. There are also a variety of factories and some research labs-rumors of “volunteer” prisoners being subjected to horrifying experiments are probably not far from the truth. Lonestar runs the whole complex, and prides itself on it’s almost escape-free record. After some escapes via hijacked shuttles and such, Lonestar began dropping all prisoners in from sub-orbital craft. Prison administration is largely left to groups of prisoners who gain privileges in exchange for cooperation. Gang activity is ever present. Some actual Lonestar personnel are on hand as well, mostly in the secure facilities such as the labs and factories, and the ultra-secure prison blocks, where the unlucky prisoners believed to be the “most-hardened criminals” do their time. The prison system includes some re-education programs for those prisoners deemed by Lonestar to be candidates for successful rehabilitation into Mars society.

Each separate gang/faction/syndicate/etc. that is active on Deimos controls a certain area, or mutliple areas in the case of the larger groups. These areas include farms, factories, kitchen/mess hall, hospital, and library. In these areas, Lonestar has essentially ceded control to the group in power, who distributes food and medicine, assigns work details, and keeps the prisoners in their area under control. As long as they meet their production quotas and don’t cause trouble, Lonestar stays out. Needless to say, the majr crime syndicates do pretty well with this, but street criminals and small-time gangsters generally have to ally with one or another bigger faction to gain some protection. Unaffiliated prisoners (as well as those that Lonestar decides are troublemakers) tend to disappear the most: rumors say they go into the labs, and never come out again, probably victims of some corp’s R&D department. There are also rumors of a Tamanous ring, although this might just be paranoia on the part of some prisoners. Some prisoner groups do operate in the research labs and closed prison wings, but these areas are overseen by Lonestar or other corps, and tend to be the less desirable positions.

Upon arrival, all prisoners offensive cyber-/bio-ware is either deactivated (for thise serving short term sentences) or removed and sold (to help defray costs of longer sentences). Defensive ‘ware (armor plating, cyberlimbs, etc) is usually left alone, as long as it wouldn’t specifically aid a prisoner in escape attempts and other forbidden activities. Illegal ‘ware is generally confiscated and sold. Deimos is almost entirely a wireless free zone, and the few areas with limited wireless activity (including some of the labs and factories) have extremely limited range. The secure prison wings also have a few levels of Faraday cages, for anyone who manages to reactivate their cyberware, or for any technomancers that Lonestar detects on intake. As usual, the wealthier prison factions manage to find ways around some of these restrictions, on occasion, and there are even rumors of some prison doctors capable of re-activating “disabled” ‘ware. Lonestar really comes down hard on anybody it detects running illicit ‘ware, however, so this is somewhat of a dangerous proposition, not to mention the chances of something going wrong during the procedure itself.

Since it is such a dead zone, many organized crime figures serving long sentences are sent to Deimos both from Mars and Earth, to prevent them from continuing to run their organizations from prison. Political prisoners and terrorists/freedom fighters (depends who you ask, right?) are present in large numbers for the same reasons. What little off-moon communication there is consists solely of messages sent in and out on a daily tightbeam pulse, so interactive communication with off-worlders is essentially impossible. Of course, guards have never been immune to bribes and coercion, as much as Lonestar would have you believe otherwise, so a well-off prisoner might be able to work something out.

Some of the active groups and factions on Deimos (and the type of areas they run):

-Multi-family Mafia syndicate (each family controls one or more farm complexes)

-Vory V Zakone syndicate (multiple factories)
Members: Timur Basyev

-Yakuza families (multiple farms, factories, and some lab presence)
Members: Ken Ichiro

-Triad/Seoulpa rings (multiple factories)

-Ghost Cartels (multiple farms)

-Humanis chapter (one factory-Humanis is an anti-metahuman policlub)
Members: John King

-Trogville (one farm-this is an anti-Humanis prison organization only open to metahumans, the other prison factions named it derisively)
Members: Dead

-Ancients/Mars City street gang collective chapter (main mess hall and kitchen-street gang members with the bad fortune to get sent to Deimos generally band together, as their former gangs don’t usually have a major prison presence-the exception being the Ancients, one of the better known Earth based gangs)
Members: Luther

-Winternight faction (one farm-this is a Norse god worshiping apocalypse cult, many of whom were sentenced to long terms after their involvement in the great matrix crash of 2064)

-Anarchist Black Cross/Crescent (hospital, library, education center/trade schools-these people are well known for their DIY ambulance services, false ID’s/SIN’s and political activism)
Members: Malice

-Space Pirate Fraternity (one farm-supposedly led by one Captain Holiday, this group grants honorary membership and protection to anyone caught engaging in piracy of any sort, whether on water, land, or in space)

-Copland (a separate wing for ex-law enforcement/politicians/etc who would not get on well with the other prisoners-has it’s own farm, hospital, and mess)

-There is also a main prison complex, where the secure facilities, labs, and drop-in/pick-up points are. This area is heavily policed by Lonestar, as well as private corp guards in the labs.


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