Damon's Runner Crash Pads

Damon, aka Lil’ D, was something of an international playboy, before settling down in Boston. He kept at least one residence everywhere he lived previously, and now rents/loans them out to runners in his favor when they need a safe base of ops in a town. The one rule: don’t bring any trouble back to the house, and don’t share their locations with anyone. They are “officially” owned and operated by I-Ching Property Management.

Rental includes: high-end amenities, a secure neighborhood, a vehicle for use around town, and an absence of nosy neighbors. Units are available to rent by the day, week, or month.

Atlanta, Manhattan, Miami, Houston, Cheyenne, LA, Seattle, Denver, Tokyo, Vladivostok, Paris, Berlin, Cara’Sir, Rio de Janeiro side of Metropole.

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Damon's Runner Crash Pads

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