Crod Stompaz

An early 2070’s undercity industrial troll rock act, led by notorious undercity criminal Harmony Craig Bottow. This has made releasing new material somewhat problematic, and playing shows almost impossible. The other two members, Chalt and Jerl have been keeping the flame alive nonetheless. HCB wears a horrifying little girl mask while performing.

Originally a recording-only project composed of Jerl and Chalt (both on synthesizers/programming/crowd stomping). With the addition of HCB on vocals, they finally enjoyed some popularity and slight commercial success in the undercity bars and clubs where they played (as well as in matrix). However, although HCB’s recent arrest and incarceration has upped their popularity, it has limited their ability to record new material.

The 2072 release of the song “Keb”, seeming to detail some of HCB’s exploits on Deimos prison moon, has fueled the fervor for the band in the undercity, although it is unknown how he smuggled the track out. Jerl and Chalt have gone underground, and are only offering matrix performances, for fear of arrest. This song also helped end the backlash against HCB after it was revealed that he was ex-corporate.

HCB has seemingly taken the project solo during Chalt and Jerl’s extended detention, releasing two popular singles, “I Don’t Give a Drek About Dragons” and “God of Idiots”, the latter realeased alongside a legendary video indicating that both HCB and Ivan the Jackle were not only still free and alive, but had killed the legendary assassin Halfman during the raid on Longpig’s undercity compound. A dangerous claim to make public, even if it is true….

Following HCB’s 2073 death and large public funeral, Crod Stompaz sales have spiked, with much of the proceeds going towards Chalt and Jerl’s legal defense fund, established anonymously through a prominent entertainment law and advocacy group, led by Thomas Arbuckle. The legions of fans known as ‘Crodders’ have set up multiple undercity shrines, both physical and geotagged, to their deceased idol. The two most major sites are located at Slot and the Slaughtertower, rumored to be two of HCB’s favorite places.

A popular geotag has sprung up in these areas, using HCB’s Deimos prison ID, #8113370, combined with a graffito of his Crod Stompaz mask. His former bandmates have also started a music-based charity, called HCB Lives!, to give impoverished metahuman youth a potential path out of poverty, other than crime.

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Crod Stompaz

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