criminal syndicates

Syndicates active on Earth/Mars include a variety of ethnic/regional Mafias, as well as Yakuza, Triad syndicates, Seoulpa Rings, Vory V Zakone (“thieves who follow the code”-Russians) and Ghost Cartel (South/Central American) operations. There is also rumored to be an active Thuggee cult, but it is, as usual, fairly secretive.

The team has so far had the most encounters with the Yakuza, in the form of the Striking Crane Clan, and the Hikage Iinkai. Striking Crane was after the rat shaman Scrounge, who is believed to be deceased.

Active Syndicates by type:

Hikage Iinaki aka Sunshine Committee
Kuro-Mori Nakama aka Black Forest Group
Kibatsu Kijuuki Batsuzoku aka Striking Crane Clan

Italian, Irish, and Jewish Mafia Families

Albanian/Balkan Fares
Bitorajic Family

-Mars Triads:
Wai-Tseng Syndicate
Hsaio-To Syndicate
-Local Earth-Based Triads:
Golden Triangle (Denver Triad)
-Honk Kong Triads:
Red Dragon Triad
Smoke Circle Triad

Seoulpa Rings
Park Group
Yun-Kim Group

Vory V. Zakone
Makarov Family aka Red Vory
Medyev-Srbova Family aka White Vory

Ghost Cartel Syndicates
Acevedo-Pillar Syndicate
Honore y Sangre

Unaffiliated Groups:
Jamil Islamayah (Muslim Jihadi extremists)
Discordians (Dissonant Technomancers)
Exchange (A.I.-run runner cooperative)
Great Hunt (Elven Supremacist Tir Taingire Militia)
Jackpoint (high-level ’runner VPN)
Laesa (Tir Taingire smugglers)
Mungiki (African Mafia)
Spire Enterprises (smugglers)
Square Circle (data pirates)
Thuggee Cult (assassins)
Turing Army (anti-A.I. extremists)

criminal syndicates

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