Corps and Megacorps

In the 2070’s, AAA Megacorps, as well as many of the other AA and A rating corps, possess extraterritoriality, i.e. their properties are essentially nations unto themselves. This is due to a number of legal decisions dating back to the 90’s, and is now completely entrenched and ineradicable, although not universal: some countries such as Amazonia have refused to sign the Business Recognition Accords.

They have private corp armies, and complete control over what happens on their sites. This can be good and bad for runners: most corps won’t act openly against other corps, to avoid outright war, so fleeing one set of corp goons by entering another corps’ property is sometimes a useful trick. The same can work for cops, although if the corp catches you in either case they might just hand you over, or set up a deal. It just depends who’s chasing you, and how well they get along with wherever you end up-so it pays to know your corps (they do all meet on the Corporate Court).

However, extraterritoriality also means that if you get caught on corp property, you’re well and truly on your own, unless they decide to turn you over to Lonetar’s “justice” system, or the local courts. Docwagon, CrashCart, and the other armed medical response teams also respect (and make use of) corp extra-territoriality rights, and won’t retrieve you (no matter how much your contract cost) from other corp’s property without permission. They also usually have extradition agreements with local law enforcement, and sometimes other corps, although their higher-paying subscribers apparently seem to have more leeway in receiving unregistered treatment.

A helpful list of corps:

The Big Ten, the AAA Megacorporations (as of 2076): Together these 10 control the Corporate Court

Global Non-AAA Corps
Apep Consortium
Doc Wagon
Eagle Security
Genesis Consortium
Global Sandstorm
Lone Star Security Services
Monobe International
Proteus AG
Reality, INC
Spinrad Industries
Universal Omnitech
Zion Amalgamated

Local Non-AAA Corps

Ex-Corporate Scientists

Spire Enterprises

Mars City
Colossus Corp
Hermes Entertainment
Little Green Men
Prometheus Cab Co
Spartan Armored Transport

Pikemen Security

Corps and Megacorps

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