A group of freelance assassins drawn from ex-Russian intelligence. Have been credited with more than a dozen high profile assassinations in the Pacific Northwest alone, including corp execs, mafia dons, and military commanders. All identified members are human and most are heavily cybered and trained.

The organization provides logistical (and magical as needed) support to their field teams, and vary attacks from snipers to explosives to poison to “accidents.” Depending on the target or job, they charge upwards of a quarter million nuyen. Chimera as an org also serves as a useful middleman, as the killers themselves never interact directly with the hirer, so there is good deniability all around.

Due to their high degree of cyber, there is some paranoia about this group of experienced killers becoming infected with CFD.

The UCAS FBI has an active bounty out for any members taken alive, due to their assassination of Agent Seth Dietrich. at the Seattle Zoo.

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