Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder (CFD) is a virus, spread by nanites, that overwrites the infected with various Personality Fragments (PF’s), seemingly made up of varying bits of e-ghosts and AI’s. Different “strains” represent different personalities, and the outcomes vary widely depending on which strain one catches. CFD seems to have the easiest time infecting those with existing nano-hives, which it co-opts, as well as anyone who has had nanotech gene treatments or the like. Otherwise, the lower the essence, the easier and faster the infection. It has spread widely since first appearing in 2074, and has claimed a number of major public figures, though corporations and governments have been slow to react and it is still unknown from where it emerged.

Types of Infected (aka “Head Cases” or “Crashers”):
Connivers: Try to stay concealed and infect others with their strain of PF. They will usually quickly remove themselves from their previous life, and try to find a new group to accept them/provide cover while they infect.
Haters: indicated by sudden shifts in attitude and outbursts of targeted destruction towards the source of their hate (usually corps and govt’s). Pursue their new goal almost single-mindedly, but will try to convince others to assist as needed.
Hidden: Who knows? A possible behind the scenes grouping, hence the name.
Manipulators: Try to stay hidden, not spread virus. Try to convince other infected not to spread also. They try to thwart connivers when they can.
Ragers: Violent antisocial psychos, super aggro. Often home to multiple personalities fighting for control. Usually don’t survive long.
Shamblers: A new Boston strain: slow zombies to ragers’ fast zombies, basically. Similarly home to multiple personas fighting for control, though in this case it’s usually 2 specific personas: Deus and Cerberus.

Breakout Locations:
Boston (UCAS), London (England), Corpus Christi (Aztlan), Merida (Yucatan), Brasilia (Amazonia), Johannesburg (Azania), Lagos Megacity (Nigerian Kingdoms), Nairobi (Kenya), Albuquerque (PCC), Mars City and surrounding environs.

The infection seems to have targeted remote locations in many cases, and breakouts on space-based platforms and stations, as well as Lunar and Mars settlements have been severe.

A group calling themselves Monads has set up in the CZ in Chicago. Chessick Allens-Whitehill recovered a fragment of a manifesto there after the safehouse was raided by Omega Dawn, though most of the Monads seems to have escaped.

Proven Origin:
NeoNET- all the details are at the end of Boston Part 12

Signs and Symptoms:
-Previously non-existent nanite presence.
-Rapid personality changes/shifts from regular routine.
-Sudden, unexplained onset of strong feelings of hate towards a particular entity, often a megacorp or government.

Treatments and Potential Cures:
EMP: slows down nanites, though it is only fully effective on “soft” colonies, and they usually learn to harden quickly. The pulse spell has similar results.

Known Infected:
Miles Lanier
Plan 9
Thankyou aka Eckhard Roberts

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