Bounty Hunters

These fine folks are engage in the practice of Bounty Hunting, a potentially lucrative and definitely dangerous way to make some nuyen. It usually requires licenses, which usually require SINS, so it can be good for runners to have some licensed contacts, when they really need to cash in.

Black Knights: Knight Errant’s in-house runner team. Essentially their answer to the Shadowriders (see below).

Crazy Days Detective Agency: Seattle-based operation, specialized in astral tracking and magical forensics. Cassandra “Sunny” Day owns and operates the business, and has just one employee: Damien, a former street sam who’s deceptive charm belies his speed and hitting power. She handles the investigations while he watches her back. They do a lot of consulting work for various LEO’s due to Day’s history in Lone Star Security Services’ Paranormal Investigations branch.

Legendary Recovery Services: a bounty collection agency, run by a brother and sister. Grendel and Wulf have worked hard to parlay their bounty-hunting business into a fledgling media empire on the P2.0 network. This in turn has allowed them to go from a rough-and-tumble two-person operation to a slick and professional group capable of tackling high-profile criminals in the Sixth World. While they’re not well known in New York, they are minor celebrities in L.A. and other places where Horizon publishes their exploits. They hire mercs or bounty hunters as backup for different jobs, and sometimes even some runners for the real dirty work. Servaas Nikolic freelances for them.

Shadowriders: Lone Star Security Services’ in-house anti-runner task force. Basically runners with a badge. Officially known as the Mobile Projects Division, led by LT Nathaniel Granger, the only known member: the rest use code names. There may be up to 5 teams operating in the CAS/UCAS, the only known base locations are Atlanta and Chicago.

The Toxic Hunters: led by Brennan “Heavy” O’Dell. A tridstar team composed of O’Dell and whatever mercs he can get to work with him, they hunt all sorts of toxic (and other paranormal) threats around the world. They have a contract with a NeoNET subsid, and often will hire runners to assist. Exceptionally high turnover and fatality rate. Good death benefits.

Solo Operators:
Charlie Foxtrot & Moondog: Accident prone freelancer, and her wolf shifter sidekick.
Gregory Bear-Killer: Violent Wolf Shaman
Sticks: Bug-hating Ex-Ares Runner

Bounty Hunters

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