Boston Enclaves

Originally compiled by A.J., this is a list of survivor communities and enclaves inside the Boston QZ.

Braintrust: Saeder-Krupp corpsec team from a Harvard lab secured a bunch of talent early on, and has been talking of looking for a cure/offering classes. Militaristic but friendly.
Catacombs/Nub: The nub is the main living area underground, but given the population influx, Mama’s Boyz are pushing the new arrivals to expand outwards into the dark, with some resistance. Also trying to establish connections/trade with other enclaves.
Cemetery: in the shadow of the NeoNET towers, high numbers but no communication. Possibly Shedim infested.
Chelsea: “true survivalists”, likely New Revolution given their settlement’s propaganda.
Chesnut Hill: Boston College and area, off-grid survivors, lead by a military history professor. Trying to limit signals, which aggravate infected, Worried about outbreak in Catacombs, so eager for any other trade opportunities.
Citizen Soldiers: Small survivor group with a block of fortified row-houses they are using to trap passers-by, near the AZT pyramid in Southend. Wiped out in Bane-Sidhe chopper attack.
City Hall: Mayor Meghan and her staff and city government, as well as various people trapped downtown and lacking corp citizenship. Heavy casualties due to the assassin Peregruzka. Survivors evacuated to the Nub.
Cottage Hill Safe Zone: Runner-lead community east of the Harbor. Trying to collect and protect the locals from the 4 gangs that took everything over there when the QZ went up.
Dedham: Calling “all cleans”, building a fortified community next to the wall with the hope of getting people out someday. Welcome any non-infected but offer no help getting there. Large Purists contingent.
Faneuil Hall: “The Original MOA”: any consumer item you could wish for at your fingertips! Fortified mall, plenty of opportunities for trade.
Four Corners: slightly deluded survivor community. Waiting for corps to save them and bring a cure for their infected loved ones. That said, a friendly place focused on maintaining some sense of normalcy- a real rarity in the QZ. Overrun by infected. Few survivors.
Franklin Park: Fortified condoplex west of Revere. Friendly, but not taking any more people in.
Harvard: fairly safe due to huge Knight Errant presence on/near campus. Classes offered.
Lexington/The Wilds: North of city, south of Salem, NAN/Warpath community have set up a reserve. Not welcoming to non-Natives.
Logan International: Militarized survivor group, getting plentiful airdrops. Accept all comers, new arrivals are fed well and then drafted, no exceptions. Seems like a solid community with a good shot at making it, but AJ was warned that their officer training program is “creepy” and changes people. The team heard rumors of a LT. “Search” being present, and know that SEARCH is the AI that infected Fastjack.
Lynn: Formerly divided between True Lynnians and others, completely overrun by infected. DC died here.
Lynn Woods Reserve: The “Near Wilds,” north edge of the city. Someone (or something?) has set up a personal hunting preserve but seems to have cleared a “safe” area, though it’s still wilderness. Traveling here makes a person feel like “prey”… so safety here is very relative.
Malden: North of city, south of Salem- closed community, no contact, reports of construction visibly underway inside their walls. Directly under “iridescent” dragon flightpath. Heavily fortified and closed off, no word in or out, lots of visible drone activity. Likely fully infected.
Marblehead: City elders assassinated by runners, cleaning up after “Salem Exposed!” file. Retaken by Knight Errant. DJ McCarthy transferred here. Essentially an ARES/KE corp town, not welcoming to others.
Nahant: Huge KE presence, but don’t seem invested in helping townspeople here or in nearby Marblehead. AJ told of some sort of secret lab that explains the KE presence. Toff got a bad “Chicago-y” vibe in astral space in this area.
Peabody: Claims to be “safe & neutral” in the affairs of nearby Salem. Claims to control a huge area despite known bad outbreaks in their area. Someone up here is offering a “cure.”
Controlled by Dissonant Technomancers who have figured out how to “rig” CFD-infected ragers and shamblers. Probably increasing their army with people seeking “cure.”
They also possess a powerful AI stolen from Renraku’s Harborguide facility. They have likely corrupted it and driven it mad with Pax’s ritual.

Revere: north of the Charles River, 4Points Sheraton is here (survivalists) as well as some sort of shambler slave camp run by other (potentially) infected people, who use the shamblers/ragers to attack the survivalists. These groups have been sending out invitations for those who can make it to their areas, but AJ warned against.
Revere Megaresort: Split 4 ways, between 2 gangs, some survivors, and the infected. The survivors are the weakest group and may not make it long without help. No survivors here anymore.
Shipyards/For Independence Free Zone: anything goes area, welcome non-infected, but are cautious. Sort of a newer, cleaner Rox. Well-supplied, due to the provisions from all the ships trapped in the harbor, and the cooperation of the council of Captains. Run fighting pits as entertainment, major Catacombs entrance inside walls. Are also rigging infected in the fighting pits, and paying people to collect.
South Bay Mall: Fortified survivor community, seem to have a massive corpse bonfire going pretty regularly. Major Purists presence. Wiped out by gang raids, survivors fled to Dedham.
South Boston: numerous fractured gang and ethnic enclaves- take your pick!
Squares: Tuft University-area, a lot of runners teamed up to secure. The school is known for turning out faces/negotiators so students have been popular targets of extraction.
Stoneham: Milspec tech, very pro and selective of who they let in. Stoneham Security Force militia ensures security for residents. Very adamant that everyone know everyone. One of the only fully “wireless-on” areas in the CZ, anyone inside who is not broadcasting an accurate ID with biometrics, address, relations, social networks, etc is targeted by security as a likely infiltrator (headcase or otherwise!).
Unlucky Ladies: Women-only group near the trainyards. AJ helped them out early on. Small community in a large fortified building.

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Boston Enclaves

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